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Hi! I'm Lacy.

My Approach

I recently heard someone say that simple doesn't mean simplistic. I couldn't agree more. I think simple usually means smarter. The first thing I do when faced with an assignment is to answer three simple questions:

1. What's the problem?

An interesting, well-defined business problem is the North Star that helps ensure everyone on my team is working to achieve the same objective.

2. Why does it matter?

Understanding "Why?" helps me put myself in my client's shoes and understand the emotional implications of a project.


3. What can we do to solve it?

Defining an interesting problem is only half the battle. It's also my job to determine how to solve it, then lead my team in executing that solution. 



My Interests

I love (in no particular order) fresh flowers, polka dots, country radio & champagne. 

I hate (absolutely loathe) asparagus.  I have an irrational fear of whales.

I needlepoint belts.

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