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"You mean this Baby Jogger isn't a jogging stroller?"

Baby Jogger, a brand that began as a baby jogging stroller company, is outgrowing its brand name now that its products span the stroller category. 

What's the problem?

A "baby jogger" is a baby stroller that is acceptable for use while jogging. Because of their brand name, consumers expect all Baby Jogger branded strollers to be acceptable for jogging, and are disappointed to realize that many are not.

Why does it matter?
As Baby Jogger expands into other juvenile products categories, they will continue to outgrow their brand name. In order to prepare for successful growth, it will be crucial to implement a brand architecture that facilitates category expansion beyond baby jogging strollers.

How can we solve it?
By changing Baby Jogger's brand architecture from a branded house to a house of brands, we can: A) strengthen the Baby Jogger brand, and B) create a framework to introduce more appropriate sub-brands for Baby Jogger's other products.

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Business Strategy

Baby Jogger was founded by a father who need a stroller he could take running. Ever since, Baby Jogger has been committed to solving parents' problems. It's new parent brand should encompass that larger brand vision and disassociate the brand from the jogging stroller category.

Introducing a new parent brand, Pivot, achieves two goals. First, it relegates the Baby Jogger brand name to a sub-brand of exclusively jogging strollers. Second, it provides an opportunity for the company to stand for something bigger than jogging strollers.




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Chris Brumleve, Communications Strategist

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