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"About 50% of the time, patient rooms are checked for cleanliness... by sight."

But if you know anything about germs, you know it's what you can't see that really matters. 

What's the problem?

​Rubbermaid wants to increase sales in the fastest-growing segment of the healthcare market: urgent care, which represents $350 billion in cleaning supplies annually. 

Why does it matter?

One in every five Americans lives in a doctor shortage area, which means that when they're sick, they either go to the emergency room or to urgent care. Factor in Obamacare and Baby Boomers'  increasing healthcare needs, and you have a real problem: too many patients, but not enough care.

Effective and efficient cleaning solutions like Rubbermaid's can help healthcare facilities deliver safer care and see more patients, faster. 

How can we solve it?
In healthcare, cleanliness is measured by sight, not science. With no way to evaluate the efficacy of cleaning products, facility managers currently decide what to purchase based on cost... and Rubbermaid doesn't want to engage in a price war.

ATP Testing is like a strep-throat test for surfaces. The cleanliness of a surface can be determined with the swipe of a single swab. By introducing ATP Testing as a product line extension, Rubbermaid can make sanitation scientific, instead of subjective.

New Brand Launch

Rubbermaid Checkmate is a comprehensive system for infection control prevention in urgent care

The C.H.E.C.K. List includes five easy steps to reduce the risk of infection for both staff and patients.

The result: A higher standard of clean for healthcare.

1. Cover up with protective equipment.
2. Help stop the spread of infections.
3. Exercise syringe safety.
4. Choose the right cleaning supplies.
5. Know it's clean.

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